Jamie Foxx – The Greatest Entertainer of All Time?

So today I wanted to shine some light on one of the most talented men in Hollywood. If you’ve heard his talk with Tim Ferriss or through other media outlets, you’ve probably heard most of it before. Anyhow, bare with me. This amazing talent started out in Texas, was brought up by his grandmother and earned a living throughout his teenage years by singing for racist, rich white people at dinner parties and other events. He’s always been a performer. After leaving Texas in search for the american dream, he gave comedy clubs a shot. With enormous confidence while steaming of charisma and fearlessness, he became friends with some of the biggest names in america (Diddy, Tyson), now remember: this was the late 90s, and some of his standup-bits involved Mike Tyson. He has quite the fascinating story about one time he was about to tell a Tyson story at a comedy club and found out Iron Mike was listening to the show….

He’s such an amazing story-teller. Here’s the story when the legendary, infamous song GOLD DIGGER came together with Kanye West:

And here’s the song itself, in case you’ve forgotten it:

I bet you hadn’t forgotten it. Now, his musical abilities are already sorta kinda semi-proven at this point. He’s charismatic and quite the story-teller, sure. And he can hit some tunes, sure. Get ready for these:

Here’s some impressions:

While talking about impressions. Apart from winning Grammy’s, he’s also received an Academy Award (Oscar) for best actor while portraying the amazing Ray Charles in the 2004 movie Ray. Trailer for the movie:

Finally, he had the lead role in the critically acclaimed movie Django Unchained, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. He did a phenomenal job (one of my personal favorites) and would’ve undoubtedly made a number of great movies if he was ever given the opportunities he deserves. Let’s face it: Hollywood actors and box-office hits such as DiCaprio, Hanks, Depp and Cruise are still favored in major epics. Anyway, underneath is the trailer for the amazing story, acting and producing that is Django Unchained.

I’m just saying.. A-list stand-up comedian, a-list singer, and a-list actor.. At this point: Do you even have a name that can remotely compare to the genius of entertainment that is Jamie Foxx?

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