Thoughts on the first amendment, Westboro Baptist Church and their funeral protests

The first amendment in the USA today

Right now, if you’re a US citizen, you can grab your closest friends, create a few disgusting signs and line up as a group right next to a funeral. You can even yell at the mourning people attending the funeral. The signs can literally state close to anything you’ve got on your mind. The Westboro Baptist Church takes this disgusting approach to the next level.

Westboro Baptist Church in the media

They’ve been in the media numerous times through the years, and it’s rumored they started protesting against homosexuals in the early 1990s. I don’t want to go deep into what they’re all about and what they’ve been doing throughout the years, since it’s not really worth it. And pretty disgusting. A quick Google or Youtube search will give you an idea. As a modern day cult they’re alienating anyone leaving the church and are reluctant to answering or even conceptualizing scientific questions about their belief-system. A good rule of thumb: If you’re a part of a ¬†group where you’re not allowed to ask questions, get the hell out of there.

The first amendment is not all that bad

Firstly, I wan’t to profess this by stating that I’m very well aware of the many benefits that goes hand in hand with the first amendment. I’m even a supporter of like 99.9 % of anything that has to do with free speech. I like music, protests, and find it critical to question media, politicians, government, laws and regulations. But to me, this is just too messed up to not regulate.

The funeral visits can’t be stopped

As it is per today,¬†they’re well within the law while protesting outside of funerals. Court cases has been dismissed and people suing them seem to be losing their cases. They’ve protested outside both soldier and children’s funerals and done some disturbing protests with regards of lives lost on 9/11 etc.

The first amendment has flaws

Let’s be real here. The first amendment is not perfect and any one law never will be. People making the connection between basic human rights and this messed up situation is nothing but insane. If laws were fair, they shouldn’t be allowed to protest next to funerals.

Funerals are fundamentally challenging to begin with

Funerals are undoubtedly inevitable but also an extremely draining and depressing day to go through for most human beings, so people shouldn’t have to see those signs while saying their final goodbyes to their beloved family members. Honestly, what sort of twisted and mentally challenged human being even does that?

My solution without too much thought going into it

You should be able to exercise your free speech – but – you should also get fined, do some type of public service or even go to jail for a short period of time if you’re doing it at funerals specifically. At least let the victims of this heinous and cruel act get some sort of compensation for the church’s stupidity and disgraceful act of protest.

Thank you for reading. Just had to get this stuff out. Leave a comment!

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